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Re: Not about P's or R's

Ellwood wrote:
> [bandwidth compression] 
> Now I have a question.  The normal precedence is as follows (I think)
> King/Queen
> Patent of Arms (Laurel/Pelican/Knight)
> Duke/Duchess
> Count/Countess
> Landed Baron/Baroness
> **Grant of Arms**
> Court Baron/Baroness
> Award of Arms
The order of _precedence_ does not include the crown/coronet. They, of
course, lead in the order of _march_. Royal Peers (Ducal, Comital, Viscomital
in that order) have the highest precedence. Next come those who hold arms
by letters patent (Laurel/Pelican/Knight/Rose). Next the Landed Baronage,
those who are members of a Kingdom Order of High Merit (one that carries a
grant of arms, of which Atlantia has none), followed by those who hold a
simple Grant of Arms. Next are members of Kingdom Orders of Merit (Golden 
Dolphin/Pearl/Sea Stag; orders that convey an award of arms). The baronage
of the court ranks next, immediately above those who hold a simple Award of
> I've been told that a GoA outranks a Court Baroncy, yet it is not necessary
> to have a baroncy before having a GoA.  The GoA allows the bearer to
> be addressed as "The Honorable" <insert title here> So-and-so.
True, one can receive a Grant of Arms with nothing else attached. I recall
a gentle who was summoned before Anton to be given an Award of Arms. Anton 
asked the gentle how long he had been doing the stuff he was being recognized
for. When the gentle replied "twelve years", Anton tore the AoA promissory
in half and said that he would instruct the scribes to prepare a more
appropriate scroll that said "Grant of Arms". However, it is not the custom
in this kingdom to style bearers of arms by grant as "The Honorable..."
It is the custom in some other kingdoms.

At the risk of sounding picky, where does the word "Baroncy" come from? I
am not aware of it being a real word. The rank is "Court Barony", as I 
know it. If I am merely ignorant of an alternative term, please enlighten
> Is this true, and if not, do we have a listing of precedence somewhere?
In your Atlantian Herald's Handbook is a splendid article by Duchess Ysabeau
on this subject.
Something that alleges to be definitive answers from someone who is supposed
to know these things...:)

	yours in service,
	Herveus, Triton