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Re: Site opinions

Greetings to those loitering here in the Merry Rose from Duncan MacKinnon!

Ragnar of Black Diamond asks:
>What do you look for in terms of the
>site for an event? What do you not like to see at a site?

(in no particular order)
1. Accessibility (although some Black Diamond sites have defied this before
- I mean, Caldwell Field isn't exactly around the corner)
2. Facilities - potable water, bathrooms/outhouses, electricity (and for the
truly decadent, showers)
3. Cost - any site that costs more than about $1,000 to rent is out of the
question (although we've been known to skip that one, too)
4. Kitchen facilities - important enough to merit its own heading. We did
Assessment without any kitchen whatsoever, so it's possible, just not pleasant
5. "Wetness" - is alcohol allowed on site? This shouldn't be the sole
determinator of whether a site is used or not, but an autocrat should know
that having a dry site will affect attendance adversely
6. Fighting areas - fields, woods, whatever. Mostly look for areas where
people can fight without risking serious injury (i.e. no holes, little
underbrush in woods, etc.)
7. Rain alternatives - assume that on the day of your event it will be
pouring down buckets, flash flood warnings are in effect, and cars are
floating away. How does this affect your parking plans? Fighting? Whatever
else you planned to do outside? (For those in Black Diamond [and maybe
Crannog Mor], substitute snow and ice for rain ;-)

Then there's a bunch of other little things like: are the owners of the site
pleasant to deal with? What other nifty things exist on the site (swimming
facilities, etc.)?

I'm sure others will have more to contribute - just my two pence.

>I am in no way considering autocrating an
>event, yet, but the information would be useful for those who are.

Aw, c'mon James - Assessment Battles is calling you. Can't you hear it?
"It'll make you cool!"

Duncan MacKinnon of Tobermory / Tom Brady