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What makes a good site

     Greetings to all...
     I think this is a very important question and consideration.  But I 
     don't think there is one good answer.
     I would first ask what do I want to do at the event.  Contrary to many 
     attempts to have something for everyone at each event, I don't think 
     it's always feasible or desireable.  Especially if you live in a 
     fairly urban area.  So, what do you want to do at this event?
     If you want archery you need a specific size and orientation of field. 
     Long and pointed away from people and animals. Fighting and duello 
     need somewhat less, and creative use of barriers and scenarios make 
     these activities even more fun.  Melees, however, will require a 
     somewhat larger open space.  Is there both open areas and shade around 
     the field?  Is there room for pavillions and sun shades? Are there 
     bathrooms available?
     If having a feast, please look closely at the real seated capacity of 
     the hall.  Make sure that the expected number of attendees can really 
     fit and sit.  Is there room for dancing?  Will the hall need to be 
     reset for the feast?  Is there sufficient tables and chairs available? 
     Is there a place to change clothing?  Are there sufficient bathrooms 
     Check out the kitchen... if it looks like the one in your house, 
     better check with the cook before you book the site.  A good kitchen 
     has minimum 2 ovens, 10 burners, good counter space and a 3 part sink. 
     A feast can be done with less - nothing but coolers and a fire if one 
     must - but be sure the cook is prepared to deal with that.
     Some other thinks I like to look at, or have:
      - A couple of separate rooms from the hall - for royalty, kids, etc.
      - Plumbing that can handle the crowd - if the system works from a     
        pump will it be able to handle dishes and flushes after the feast?
      - Is camping available? - is it rough camping or are there
      - No camping, how about crash space, hotels, members near the site?
      - Is there alternate food and supplies available in the area,
        restaurants, groceries, liquor stores?
      - Is there enough parking?
     That's about all I can think of.  There are some really wonderful 
     sites out there.  And, there are some that are wonderful, if you have 
     the right event there.  Capacity must be a primary consideration. 
     Happy site hunting!