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Medieval Conference/Tech Fair At Penn State U.

 Greetings Good Gentles

      This is to announce the annual Medieval Studies Conference at 
 Pennsylvania State University, PA.

This years topic:
                     The Cathedral, the Mill, and the Mine:
                         Technology in the Middle Ages

Dates:    April 7-9, 1995

Location:     Pennsylvania State University
              University Park Campus, PA
              Centre County (near the geographic center of the state).

              Conference location- Nittny Lion Inn

                    Fair location- Intermural Building

     The campus is located on Routs 26 and 322.  Route 322 can be accessed
one mile from exit 20 on Interstate 80.

Cost:  There is a $25.00 per person registration fee.  This fee is waived
for all students (high school and college), school teachers, and seinor 
citizens.  This fee does NOT include meals.

Times:        Conference-   Friday     9am- 5pm
                            Saturday   9am- noon

                    Fair-   Saturday   Noon- 5pm
                            Sunday     11am- 5pm

Conference:  Eight visiting professors wil speak on subjects related to the 
conference topic.  The exact time of each lecture has not yet been set.

                          Speakers and Topics
                           (not in order)

"Late Medieval Cities and the Weapons of War: Production, Trade, Tactics"
         Bert Hall, University of Toronto

"Technological Innovation in High Gothic Architecture"
         Robert Mark, Princeton University

"Mechanization and the Medeival Economy"
         Richard Holt, University of Birmingham

"Reconstructing a Medieval House: From Paled Saye to Fenestrels"
         Dominic Tweddle, Assistent Director, York Archeological Trust for
                                              Excavation and Research

"Technology and the Social Structure in the Medieval German Countryside"
         Michael Toch, Hebrew University of Jeruselem

"The Archaeology of Water Power in Britain"
         David Crossley, University of Sheffield

"Organization of Medieval Building Sites in North-Central Europe: Materials 
 and Techniques of Construction"
         Giovanni Coppola, Research University od Basilicata,Matera

"Scale and Scantling: Technological Issues in Large-Scale Timberwork of the 
 High Middle Ages"
          Lynn Courtenay, University of Wisconsin

Fair:  Fifteen demonstrations and exibits have been scheduled so far. 
Twelve more are under cosideration. 

                          Exibits (partial list)

Cathedral Stone Masonry, demonstration of techniques.  Philip Hawk.

Construction of a Medieval Arch.    Joseph Conway, Professor of Engineering 
                                                   at Penn State 

Metallurgy, casting pilgrims badges and ampullae.  Dr. Jerry Jackson


Agricultural tools with Medieval Counterparts.

Advanced registration is requested, but not nessesary.  Refunds of fees
made if notification of cancellation is received in writing before March 28, 
1995.  Finale registration will be held Friday, April 7, 8am-noon.  No 
guarantee of space left if you try to register at the door.

Meals:  Both a luncheon and a banquet will be served on Friday, April 7, at 
the Nittany Lion Inn.  These are optional and cost extra (no freebies for 
anyone).  There are also many restraunts and fast food shops in the 
immediate area off campus.

                 Luncheon-  12:15 (approxamatly)
                            cost is $11.95 

                 Banquet-    6:30pm 
                            cost is $19.95
                            Will feature period cusine, music such as mill 
                            songs and sacred music, and a preformance of the
                            Wakefield "Noah".

 Times and scheduling are subject to change.  Don't even THINK of holding me 
responsible for changes made by the event organizers.

Accomodations:  There are many hotels and motels within 10 minutes of the 
campus.  Consult "Triple A Motor Club" for a list.
     A limited number of rooms are being held in reserve for Conference 
participants until March 7.  These may be a bit pricey.  Call Nittany Lion 
Inn, (814) 231-7505.

For more info about registration, call:
                                         Karen Ebling
                                         Department of History
                                         Pennsyvania State University
                                         108 Weaver Building
                                         University Park  PA 16802-5500
                                         (814) 865-1367
Lord Degan of Coventry
Jeff F”hringer

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