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Re: Atlantia Choir?

>While warbling about the list, I happened upon mention of "Atlantia
>Choir, Fighter Practice, Herald Gatherings". I think I've heard
>mention 'o the second item, but what is this choir and when & where
>          are these herald gatherings?

We have a few musical things going on up here. "Atlantian Choir" is a
recently-organized group that practices through the University, and
performs - when we can - at Kingdom events. I'm currently working at
gathering music for the next University, and anyone is welcome to join

We in Ponte Alto also have a vocal group that meets every-other
Thursday at my home (Herndon, VA).  We started off being nick-named
"AAA Music" after the trio of us who were singing together (Aelfred,
Allasondrea, and Anne).  But, thanks to a switch of nights that got us
away from conflicting with vrious local church choir practices, we are
expanding out to other letters of the alphabet. Meli probably
mis-typed to indicate us as "Atlantian CHoir" but its rather
understandable considering that all of us who meet here are in the
Atlantian choir also.

Hope you can join us!
Anne of Carthew