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RE: Problems, Boundaries and Some Random Thoughts

Greetings from Ellwood!

Scripsit Siobhan:
%     This is not a "P" discussion, but some of the recent rhetoric has
%     brought it to my mind.
%     "Boundaries don't keep you from your friends".  I think this is a true 

%     statement.

Ditto.  (Augh!  8^) )

%     What about the people you haven't met yet?

This is where the boundaries come into play.  Although there is no actual
physical boundary, many people create an artificial boundary in their
minds.  Crossing that mental barrier can be as difficult as crossing the
physical one.  (IMHOOC)

%     Do boundaries prevent me from travelling to the East Kindom? - Not
%     really.  So I thought about it, what does?  I think that it has to do
%     with logistics - not travel time, but incomplete directions, no idea
%     where I would stay, no idea what the schedule is, or what the feast
%     is, or sometimes even more basic information.
%     Have event announcements become less informative, or have I become
%     less willing to take chances?  I'm not sure.
%     I do know that rarely is there more than 2 months notice of an event.
%     I do know that fewer event announcements offer crash space.  I do know 

%     that many announcements don't say when the site opens (my tally of the 

%     current Acorn showed slightly more than half).  And in this month's
%     Acorn only one event gave any idea of the type of food at the feast,
%     and none had any indication of the schedule.

Unfortunately, the _Acorn_ seems to have reserved more room for
letters from Kingdom than for event announcements.  I have heard a
growing number of complaints from the local populace(got it right
this time 8^)) over the shrinking event space and the growing
"effluvia" of various kingdom offices.  I'm not sure where I actually
stand on this issue.  Communication from the K.O.'s vs. where is the
next event?  Hmmmm...tough call given that the _Acorn_ is how
many of our KO's contact us.

One "problem" is that we are limited to a single page for an event
announcement.  It is tough to fit enough information on that single
page and get sufficient directions to the site.  I agree with the policy
of one page per announcement--that is a fair and reasonable
idea.  Perhaps we need a class at University on how to write event
announcements? 8^)

%     I know I could probably call the autocrat and find out all this and
%     more, but that's a long distance phone call to someone who is busy
%     planning an event.  (Besides, I have a tough time with phones...).
%     Perhaps we should look at how well (or not) we publicize our events.
%     Travel requires significant investments in time and dollars.  It would
%     be a definite benefit to me if I had more information to plan from.

Yes!  We do need to work on how to publicize events.  It would be nice
to have info in the back of the _Acorn_ on non-Atlantian events that will
be held near our borders.  (Well, it is sort of a wish-list)  Basically, the
same way we do events that are several months away but still on the
Kingdom calendar.

who doesn't know why he responded to this one.....