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RE: Lunch north of Beltway?

Greetings from Ellwood !

Scripsit Ianthe:
%Message authorized by:
%    : RFC-822=JThorpe@greenville.ClemsonSC.ATTGIS.COM_at_INTERNET at ~X400

Wait a sec!  I didn't say this!  Oh.  I get it now, Ianthe's mailer put this 
header thing on it making it *look* like I said it.  8^) 8^) 8^)

%      **Whining alert:
%      I'm jealous of all the people planning to meet for lunch inside D.C.
%      and in lands south.  I want to have fun, too.
%      **End whine mode.

Don't be jealous, just join in!  Of course, 8 hours to go to lunch *is* a 
bit much for
me....  Nope, I haven't heard of any lunch plans down south--I merely 
that we try it too.

(hoping Ianthe meets up with some Atlantians at lunch)