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UA Roundup

This fersheluging e-mail system has been giving me troubles. So,
if you don't receive this message....ummm...well...if you don't
receive the message, you can hardly read this to see what you should
do in such a situation. (Can you tell I am in an inadequate sleep mode?)

Anyway, this is a general announcement that time is beginning to tick
louder in regards to teachers and such for the UA38 (April 8th) 
University catalog.

Teachers, I have received some offers, which I will seriously dig into
starting this Sunday and get back to you on. 

Deans, I need you to send me a preliminary on what you have for this
session. We can polish it up later; but I need a general idea.
(Corun, please relay to Tehair.)

If anyone wants to teach a class April 8th at Rencester (William and Mary),
and you haven't gotten in touch with me or a dean, it's time.


--------- John Strauss     gc429@cleveland.freenet.edu ---------
University Atlantia #38 is April 8th at Rencester on the William
and Mary Campus. Taking class proposals immediately. Taking bids
for UA #39 on July 1st.  - Henry Best, Chancellor, U of Atlantia