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Re: GC Nominees...part 3 (was: Who is on the Grand Counc...)

     Greetings, all.

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Subject: Who is on the Grand Council so far
Author:  Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@math.harvard.edu> at smtpgate
Date:    2/14/95 10:24 AM

Greetings from Tibor.
Tadhg of Roxbury Mill, Atlantia had asked me:
       By the way, it would be nice to know who the current kingdom 
       representatives are...at least, for the East Coast.
Here is the complete list.
Board Appointees:
  Carol Smith  Lady Caroline Forbes  Calontir 
  David Friedman Duke Cariadoc   Middle
  Roy Gathercoal Master Gareth ap Tancred An Tir 
  Mark Waks  Master Justin du Coeur  East
  Mark Schuldenfrei Lord Tibor   East
  Eric Wagner  Sir Eric Bearsbane  West
Kingdom Appointees:
  Loren Hart  Mistress Randall   An Tir
  Galen Bevel  Sir Gale Eadwin Kirchenbaum  Ansteorra 
  Karen Penn  Sarah     Atenveldt
  Charles Curtis Duke Olaf Askoldsson   Atlantia 
  Janet Chennault Lady Eichling von Amrum   Caid 
  Nathan Clarenburg Sir Nathan Adelaar   Calontir 
  Bart Orbons  Lord Bertrik van Triecht  Drachenwald 
  Michael Potter Sir Myrddin the Just   East
  Rolland Smith  Sir Kyle of Kincora   Meridies 
  John Elmore  Master John of Strenfeld  Middle
  Tod Huckaby  Eques Titus Claudius Severus  Outlands 
  Chuck Hack  Baron Serwyl    Trimaris
  Manual Costa  Baron Corwyn Da Costa   West
  Angie Eves-Welsh Baroness Iseabeau of the Wylde Wood West-Lochac