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Re: Grand Council Nominees...part 2

     Greetings, all.

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Subject: Re: Grand Council Nominees
Author:  sca-east@world.std.com at smtpgate
Date:    2/13/95 9:37 PM

> Greetings from Tibor.
> Alicia wrote:
>   I am curious as to what the Grand Council will be doing.  I haven't seen 
>   anything about this until now (although I may have just missed it).  Could 
>   someone give me a quick rundown?
> [If anyone wants a copy of the formal charter from the Board, I'd be happy to 
> send it via email.  (Contact me at schuldy@math.harvard.edu).]
> There is a weekly document that GC members use to communicate with each 
> other.  Interested parties may get a copy sent to them automatically.
> Completed proposals will be sent to the Board, and to TI.  The Board will 
> vote on each proposal at the next quarterly meeting.  Sometimes proposals
> will be multi-part: if the GC isn't of one mind on how to do something, two 
> proposals may be sent on the matter.
 And then he forgets to tell you how to get it.  Tsk, tsk. :-)
 If you want to subscribe to the Grand Council's discussions
electronically, send email to listproc@lists.princeton.edu, with a body of:
subscribe scagc-l yourfirstname yourlastname
You will get a LISTPROC information packet in return.  Save it, since it 
tells you how to leave the list.
 Note that this list is for Grand Council member's discussion; if
you want to make an observation, send it as email to one of the council members,
and they can include it in a posting of theirs if they deem it appropriate.
Only postings from the Council members and the rare bit of administrivia will 
go out over the list.
 The good news is that this means that you'll only be getting one
message or so a week from the list.  On the other hand, they may get a 
bit long...
 If you experience any problems with subscribing to the list, drop
me a note at either this address or (preferably) at vnend@Princeton.EDU 
and I'll see what I can do, I'm maintaining the list.