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Re: Grand Council Nominees...part 1

     Greetings, all.
     Last week, a general request for input on nominees to the Grand 
     Council went out on sca-east.
     I'm afraid that I didn't save the post with the nominees but I'll ask 
     the author for another copy.
     In the meantime, I wanted to cross-post this message, and follow-on 
     responses...that's why you should be seeing parts 1, 2, and 3.
     If you have any comments on the folks being nominated (as soon as I 
     get another copy of the list) or are interested in entering your own 
     name. Please forward your responses to Tibor (letter follows...his 
     address is inside it).
     ps. The Grand Council has 20 spots remaining to be filled...so far, 6 
     selected by the BoD and 14 selected by the kingdoms (Duke Olaf for 

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Subject: Re: Grand Council Nominees
Author:  sca-east@world.std.com at smtpgate
Date:    2/14/95 1:52 AM

Greetings from Tibor.
Alicia wrote:
  I am curious as to what the Grand Council will be doing.  I haven't seen 
  anything about this until now (although I may have just missed it).  Could 
  someone give me a quick rundown?
[If anyone wants a copy of the formal charter from the Board, I'd be happy to 
send it via email.  (Contact me at schuldy@math.harvard.edu).]
Basically, the Board, in response to the hue and cry over the last year, has 
chosen to charter a blue-ribbon panel to re-examine the Society from the 
ground up.  A committee of about 40 people, of various Societal or Mundane 
backgrounds, is being appointed, and it will be making recommendations to 
the Board over the nexty two years.
I expect that the primary focus of the GC will be the governance of the 
Corporation, and its relationship to the populace.  The idea is to make the 
SCA Incorporated more responsive to its members, cheaper to run, and more 
Eastern members at this time include Sir Myrddin the Just, myself, Master 
Justin du Coeur.  Former Easterners on the GC include Duke Cariadoc, and 
Lady Caroline Forbes.
There is a weekly document that GC members use to communicate with each 
other.  Interested parties may get a copy sent to them automatically. 
Completed proposals will be sent to the Board, and to TI.  The Board will 
vote on each proposal at the next quarterly meeting.  Sometimes proposals 
will be multi-part: if the GC isn't of one mind on how to do something, two 
proposals may be sent on the matter.
Currently, the GC seems to be working on internal organizational stuff, and 
reading background material that Cariadoc, and I, posted.
I would DEARLY love it if folks read our stuff, and commented.  We will only 
be as good as the help we get.
 Tibor (GC member, and one of the 3 nominating people.)