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Re: Interbaronial Wars

On Wed, 15 Feb 1995, Cindy Hudson wrote:

> 1.  I am not aware of any problems that interbaronial wars have ever 
> created. Certainly there were none during the time my lord and I were 
> baron/baroness of Nottinghill Coill.

(*** WARNING : possible inflamatory material follows ***)

This is not exactly recent history, but I can remember a time 10 years 
ago when an Interbaronial war threatened to split the kingdom.  The 
events were Sheep Wars I/II (AKA Assesment Battles II/III).  A quote from 
ABII that I can remember is that it "was a chance for the rest of the 
kingdom to gang up on Storvik...and lose."  There were tensions to the 
point that some members of my local group (WM Hill) were refusing to go 
further north than Richmond for ANY reason.  At ABIII, Storvik was 
outnumbered around 2.5:1, about 6:1 in chivarly, so the outcome should be 
pretty obvious. At court that evening, the official hatchet was buried.

I can't speak for any other baronies, I can only report the feeling 
within Windmaster's Hill at the time.  This one Interbarional war 
permanently colored my feelings toward the northern groups - probably 
because I was fairly new at the time and was introduced to Storvik as 
"the enemy."  It has taken years for me and many others to view the 
northern groups as the good guys and part of "us".

Believe me, IBW's do create bad feelings toward groups.  We are never
well served by divisions unless we want to be divided.  I could spout
a bunch of nonsense right now about "a house divided," or "strength
in numbers" (errr...guess I just did) to show that point, but some people 
don't agree about that.

I guess it comes down to that - if you agree that having people not like 
others just because of where they are from is OK, then IBWs are fine.  I