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Re: Interbaronial Wars

Branwynn ottersby wrote:

>Leifr mentioned in a previous post that interbaronial wars 
>were no longer allowed. I was just curious about this, as
>Assessment, among my favourite events, used to rely on this
>very premise -- what do they do now, I wonder?

Well, _ not allowed_ is perhaps too strong a phrase. To the best of my 
knowledge, this comes from a meeting of the landed baronage at Unevent in 
1993. Some of the barons/baronesses there felt that interbaronial wars 
created hard feelings and asked the rest of us to not have them. All of us 
present agreed to the request.

Just a couple of notes in relation to this:

1.  I am not aware of any problems that interbaronial wars have ever 
created. Certainly there were none during the time my lord and I were 
baron/baroness of Nottinghill Coill.

2. Things may have changed since then. I've not heard anything else on the 
subject. However, I don't recall any law or even request from any of the 

Deirdre Morgan