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The Acorn

Unto the denizens of Atlantia-l does Lady Anne Elizabeth send greetings,

It has been brought to my attention that certain complaints have been raised
in this forum concerning  The Acorn.  Unfortunately, this discussion occurred
within one of the principality threads and was auto deleted from my mail box.
 (I auto deleted anything with "principality" in the subject heading.)  The
concerns that were expressed to me were these:
1) officers get too much space for their letters.
2)event announcements only get one page and are printed only 2 months ahead
of time.
3)announcements for outkingdom events don't appear.  (Conversely, I have been
told they get too much space.)
I'm afraid I got really steamed when I heard about this... Mostly because I'm
tired and cranky and could *really* have used some help with this month's
acorn (My husband, 2 year old, 3 month old, and dog were all sick.  My mother
was indisposed and my father recovering from surgery.  I didn't feel great.)
However, whenever I put out a call for a deputy, the response is tepid at
best.  I need someone I can hand a file and diskette to, say go to it, and be
reasonably certain they can do the the job.  

***If you think you can do a better job, I am more than willing to let you

And by the way, If you have a complaint or a suggestion, LET ME KNOW!! I
can't change what I don't know about.

My Goodness, I feel sooooo much better having vented a little steam... I hope
no one got scorched.  But to respond to the complaints/ suggestions...

1)  I've tried... REALLY !!!! I'VE TRIED!!!!  But the Kingdom seneschal is by
nature a garrulous man and it comes out in his letters.  :D   With regards to
the other officers, i understand that *you* may not be interested in what the
deputy earl marshal for rapier or the Dean of the college for performing arts
of the university of Atlantia have to say, but someone is.

2)There is only so much space available in the acorn.  As a matter of course,
an *entire* event announcment will be printed the month the event is held.
 If the event is being held in the first two weeks of the following month, i
will print that as well (assuming I've recieved it by the deadline.  If you
want your event flyer to appear 5 months in advance, feel free to send it
with the appropriate advertising fee ($60 for a full page ad.)  The event
specifics section is there to highlight anything special about your event.
Get it? Event specifics.  You don't want to spend a longdistance phone call
to talk to the autocrat?  well goodness, that's why their snail mail address
is there. (and e-mail as well if they've given it to me).  

3) The foreign tidings section of the Acorn has existed since before I became
the chronicler.  I really don't understand the complaint.  On the flip side,
(the question was why should i give space to foreigners and deny it to local
events)  I really don't think half a page for 3 events is too much.

Any other suggestions, complaints, comments? let me know... If I don't know
what I'm doing wrong, I can't fix it.

Anne Elizabeth,
15 more Acorns and counting... Isn't burnout a wonderful thing?