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Re: The Acorn

Okay, okay. I didn't see whatever post Annie is reacting to either.

As a seneschal, an autocrat, University Chancellor, and sometimes just
as a confused subject, I have had call to deal with a medium-sized
string of kingdom chroniclers. I won't name names; but we have had good
chroniclers and we have had poor chroniclers. Annie is a _good_ 

What is a good chronicler? There are two measures. 

1) Puts out a reasonably accurate newsletter in a timely fashion.
2) Measures her power by her ability to say "yes" instead of "no".

I was once asked to be kingdom chronicler. In one of the wisest 
decisions I ever made, I declined the honor. Anyone who has worked
closely with me will agree: I would be doing Atlantia a GRAVE
disservice by attempting that job. I would effectively shut down
kingdom activity within three months. My respect for anyone who
can do a halfway decent job at the Acorn is therefore considerable.

Annie, one item in your post confused me. And perhaps you were just
engaging in hyperbole; but, is it even _theoretically_ possible that
anyone was uninterested in something one of my deans had to say?

Anyway, whoever, if you are unhappy about the Acorn, you don't need
a principality to fix it. You just need to offer to help out. And
now you know Annie's e-mail address and that she could use a hand.

Kingdom Chronicler is HARD WORK. And thank yous are rare. Complaints,
no matter what you do, are commonplace. Annie: thank you. You have
ALWAYS come through for me, no matter what. Although I would try,
I doubt if I could do the same for you, were our situations reversed.


--------- John Strauss     gc429@cleveland.freenet.edu ---------
University Atlantia #38 is April 8th at Rencester on the William
and Mary Campus. Taking class proposals immediately. Taking bids
for UA #39 on July 1st.  - Henry Best, Chancellor, U of Atlantia