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Virginia Brewers-*WARNING*!!!

In the latest issue of BarleyCorn, there is a frightening article on Homebrewers Rights (being) Curtailed in Virginia.

Basically it states that the local liquor stormtroopers (ABC) has started to interpret the law in a much more narrow fashion than before.  They are cracking down on tasteings, competitions in licensed facilities, and exhibitions.
"Currently, Virginia law states under Article 1, Section 4.1-200 that "licensure
requirements [for the manufacture or sale of alcohol] shall not apply to:
	6. Any person who manufactures at his residence for domestic consumption at his residence, but not to be sold, dispensed or given away, except as 
hereinafter provided, wine or beer or both.

	7. Any person who keeps and possesses lawfully acquired alcoholic beverages in his residence for his personal use or that of his family.  However, such
beverages may be served or given to guests in such residence by such person, his family or servants when such service or gift is in no way a shift or device to evade the provisions of this title."

Recently a meeting of the Hampton Roads Breewing and Tasting Society was not
allowed to bring their own stuff into a meeting.  The ABC officer told them that it was illegal to bring in any beer [into a licensed facility] "that couldn't be purchased at the grocery store atound the corner."

By strict interpretation of the law, amateur beer and winemakers could be cited by an ABC agent for simply taking their homebrew outside their homes!

State representative Gladys Keating has introduced a bill in the Virginia House of Delegates which Jane Woods will sponser in the Senate, to resolve the stink.
HOWEVER!!  The bill makes the following changes:
	1. Restrict homebrewing to persons over age 21
	2. Limit the amount of homebrew to 100 gallons per calander year per
	   adult over 21, to a max of 200

GOOD LUCK!!  Be careful.

Deja Brew, I've been beer before.