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The Acorn

     Greetings all!
     I wrote a bit to Anne, but seems I should probably put a little note 
     out here for the ongoing discussion.
     The point of my original post was to discuss the flow of information 
     and how much autocrats do (or do not) provide in their flyers.  My 
     point being that before I plan long trip, I'd like to know what's 
     going to be happening when I get there.
     I have no desire to criticize the Acorn, to the contrary, I think that 
     Anne is doing a very fine job.  I could never take on that 
     responsibility, and I am grateful to those who do.  Having been a 
     helper during Illarion's time as chronicler I saw what a tremendous 
     amount of work it is.  
     I am extremely sorry that this got misinterpreted. 
     I hope if any still have questions as to my intent, they will let me