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Re[4]: Atlantian problems..... (fwd)

Michael Johnson (SCA name unknown to me) responded publically to my
          private post.  I apologize if I inferred something he did
          not mean from his original message, but I read him to expect
          someday to achieve a crown and all three peerages.  He
          responded that he has the "potential" to achieve these
          things, and he may well.  Few people ever achieve their full
          potential.  I continue to believe, though, that it may show
          inappropriate arrogance to hold forth in such a forum as
          this with language so imprudent as to suggest that one
          expects to "deserve" everything (or anything, for that
          matter).  There are many considerations that go into a
          decision to elevate an individual to the peerage or to an
          Order of Merit, and some of the deliberations can be opaque
          to people outside the order (and frankly, sometimes to those
          inside it as well).

          It would be nice if SCA royalty were omniscient.  It would
          also be nice if everyone who won the crown were equally:

               good with names and faces
               (your adjective here)

          It's not true, and our method of selecting monarchs (another
          subject entirely, and not one I'm proposing we open) is not
          designed to select infallibly for those qualities.  My best
          advice is that you write letters of recommendation for
          people you think are worthy of recognition to the Crown, and
          that you follow up later with a request for information
          about the results of any polling that was done.  That may
          help you to know why an award you recommended was not made.
           Remember that people know others in different ways, and
          someone who has shown a certain side of himself to you may
          have shown a completely different side of himself, or no
          side at all, to someone else.

          Please note that none of this has any direct bearing at all
          on Lord Sigurd, whom I do not know well enough to comment
          upon, nor would I ever do so in such a public medium as

          Please note also that I did not intend to take Michael to
          task for holding an opinion different from mine.  It would
          be a dull world indeed if everyone thought precisely the
          same way.  I am interested, though, that he seemed to be
          willing to take other responses in private, and even offered
          to get permission to forward someone else's response to me,
          while he went public with my response with no attempt to
          secure my permission.

          I hope this illuminates at least a little the context of my
          message to Michael.  I remain ready to discuss the issues
          involved wherever I can be of help.


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