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Other stuff (Was: Re[4]: Can o' Worms)

Well met, Miriam, and the rest of you at the Dead Horse 8^)

Scripsit Miriam:
%Does anybody do anything else on this forum besides beat the principalitie
%debate to death.!?! I've been on line 6 hours, had 37 threads about the
%same subject, all saying about the same thing, and I'm about ready to
%unsubscribe. GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!!
%        Miriam, who thought this sounded like fun, but may have been wrong.

I too have found the endless supply of weaving material overwhelming 8^)
In fact, I see a pattern forming--yes, the same arguments are being 
I'll quit with the textile puns now before things really get warped....

These Ponte Alto lunch things sound like fun.  Too bad I'm WAY down south
from them.  Keep posting the dates, my job may take me up there sometime
in the next year....  Are there any folks interested in "doing lunch" at 
this end of
the Kingdom?  Bit of a silly question, when I can simply phone them much 
easily, but then again.....

Falcon Cree normally goes to dinner/desert after the monthly business 
but that just isn't the same....  We definitely have a core group that gets 
for various activities.  A&S nights happen every month with a different 
topic each
time.  And then there are the "stuff" nights.  Most people bring works in
progress to show and demonstrate on, and there is usually a movie in the
offering  (last time it was MP & the Holy Grail--yes, we had folks who 
seen it)

What kind of activities are happening on a semi-regular basis up there?

Ellwood--whose trying to make his life interesting(and failing)