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re: Virginia Brewers-*WARNING*!!

Greetings to the brewers in the Merry Rose from Robyyan.

Gordon posts about changes in the interpretation of brewing law in
Virginia, and says:

> State representative Gladys Keating has introduced a bill in the Virginia House of Delegates which Jane Woods will sponser in the Senate, to resolve the stink.
> HOWEVER!!  The bill makes the following changes:
> 	1. Restrict homebrewing to persons over age 21
> 	2. Limit the amount of homebrew to 100 gallons per calander year per
> 	   adult over 21, to a max of 200

Federal law currently limits homebrewers to 100 gal. per year per adult
in the household, to a max. of 200 gal. per year per household.  (Of
course, 100 gallons a year is a *lot* of beer for personal consumption.)

I don't know for sure what federal law considers an "adult" for this
purpose, but I suspect it is 21.

So these changes in Virginia law are really irrelevant.  I hope the rest
of the changes do something about ABC enforcement's attitude toward
tastings, though.
  Robyyan Torr d'Elandris  Kapellenberg, Windmaster's Hill  Atlantia
  Dennis R. Sherman  	         Triangle Research Libraries Network
  dennis_sherman@unc.edu       Univ. of North Carolina - Chapel Hill