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RE: Interbaronial Wars

Greetings from Ellwood!

Scripsit Branwynn:

%For those of you avoiding the P-word, proceed -- this one's safe.
%Leifr mentioned in a previous post that interbaronial wars
%were no longer allowed. I was just curious about this, as
%Assessment, among my favourite events, used to rely on this
%very premise -- what do they do now, I wonder?
%Just curious why this is...

Whoa!  When did interbaronial wars get squashed?  I did wonder
why Border Wars hasn't come up again in the last two years, tho'.
The first (and apparently only) interbaronial war I was at was a
lot of FUN--and it got taken away???!?!?  I may not get out on the
battlefield except as a herald, but geez, *I* have fun at these
things too....

mumble, groan, etc....

(who is getting really cranky about all of this)