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Re[2]: Not about P's or R's

     A quick response to Ellwood's precedence questions:
>Now I have a question.  The normal precedence is as follows (I think)
>Patent of Arms (Laurel/Pelican/Knight)<<<Don't I wish??
>Landed Baron/Baroness
>*Grant of Arms**
>Court Baron/Baroness
>Award of Arms
     Herveus (or someone) can correct me (and doubtless will :-) but the 
     order is more like:
     King & Queen
     Princes & Princesses
     <Royal ambassadors, I think>
     Ducal Rank
     County Rank
     Viscounty Rank (not that we have many around these parts)
     Orders of Peerage (Laurel, Pelican, Chivalry)
     persons with Grants of Arms
     Kingdom awards (Pearl, Dolphin, Sea Stag)
     Court Baronage 
     I think that the landed Baronage comes between the Royal Peers and the 
     Orders of Peerage *while they are in office*.  The Great Officers come 
     after the current Royalty but before the Royal Peers, I think.
     All of the Peerages (both Royal and Orders) carry Arms by Letters 
     Patent (Patent of Arms). 
>I've been told that a GoA outranks a Court Baroncy, yet it is not necessary 
>to have a baroncy before having a GoA. 

Yep.  Although they frequently are awarded together.

>The GoA allows the bearer to
>be addressed as "The Honorable" <insert title here> So-and-so.
     As much of an abomination as that title is, The Honorable Lady or Lord 
     So-and-so is commonly in use for persons with a Grant and no other 
     titles (also used in kingdoms such as Ansteorra where there are awards 
     that carry a Grant automatically). 
>Is this true, and if not, do we have a listing of precedence somewhere?
     The Order of Precedence is maintained and published every once in a 
     while - it hasn't been in a couple of years.
>Answers from a somewhere-in-betweener, and more questions from the 
>same 8^)
     Answers from a non-stuffy Purist and occasional old-timer.