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Re: The Acorn, and what they are saying

Dafydd greets Cheapside!

I apologize in advance for not changing the header of this message,
which has to do with kill files, not with Annie's fine job as Chronicler.

Writing about those with kill files for the Principality debate,
Leifr writes:

>Frankly I find that Lady Siobhan and those like her have shown far more 
>concern for this Kingdom then those who pop up to make comments and dive 
>under their kill files to ignore the replies.

I am afraid that you are labouring under the misapprehension that this
debate is important.

The ISSUE is important.  The debate, on this forum, about Principalities,
has gone past important into tiring and irrelevant.  Which is why so
many people, myself included, no longer participate in it by using
kill files.

You go to far, I think, in implying that those who say "I don't listen
to this debate any more and I don't hear anything interesting or convincing"
are doing a disservice to their Kingdom by putting the word Principality
in their kill file.

Dafydd ap Gwystl,
who intends to leave Principality in his kill file for at least a year,
although more than willing to talk about the subject in person.