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The very nature of Kill files and comments

Earl Dafydd wrote:
> Writing about those with kill files for the P-------------- debate,
> Leifr writes:
> >Frankly I find that Lady Siobhan and those like her have shown far more 
> >concern for this Kingdom then those who pop up to make comments and dive 
> >under their kill files to ignore the replies.
> I am afraid that you are labouring under the misapprehension that this
> debate is important.

Am I now?
> The ISSUE is important.  The debate, on this forum, about P------------,
> has gone past important into tiring and irrelevant.  Which is why so
> many people, myself included, no longer participate in it by using
> kill files.

Actually, I don't think of the debate as important.  If I did, I suppose 
I'd still be at it.  I know the Merry Rose at Cheapside is not the best 
forum for advancing the p------------- movement.  It just happens to be where
the movement stopped last December, so this is where I decided to get it 
started again.
> You go to far, I think, in implying that those who say "I don't listen
> to this debate any more and I don't hear anything interesting or convincing"
> are doing a disservice to their Kingdom by putting the word P-----------
> in their kill file.
His Excellency has once again decided to infer what he believes I must be 
implying.  However, I respect people who follow the debate more then people
who pop up to make comments and then go hide below their kill files.
Obviously, if you don't jump into the middle of discussions you've not 
been following, then you are not the object of this sentence.  So kindly 
don't infer anything other then what I am saying.
In Service
Leifr Johansson