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RE: The Acorn, and what they are saying

Greetings from Ellwood!

I may have to add a "Psst!  It's that annoying Ellwood again...." .sig
like Moreach occasionally uses 8^)

Scriptsit Leifr:
%Lord Henry Best in a note on Lady Anne Elizabeth, our stressed Kingdom
%Chronicler, wrote:
%> Okay, okay. I didn't see whatever post Annie is reacting to either.

Um.  Judging from what her response was, I don't think she saw the
post.  It seems someone mentioned the post to her, and some things
got left out of the translation somewhere.  Again, I apologize for any
offense that might have been given.  That certainly was NOT my intent!

%You two are referring to a post by Lady Siobhan entitled "Problems,
%Boundaries, and Some Random Thoughts".  It was ably seconded by Lord
%Ellwood.  And while it is true that Lady Siobhan wrote it because of the
%principality debate, it was not directly part of the debate, and as you
%can see from the title, didn't use Principality as a keyword, so I don't
%see how you managed to kill it.
%> Annie is a _good_ chronicler.
%I'll second that.

As previously stated elsewhere, I did NOT say she was doing a poor job.
In fact, I think she has performed an admirable job.  Thank you, Lady Anne!
I don't know how my comments got so grossly misinterpreted.  If I am
expressing myself that poorly, I'll quit the list and say no more.  I passed
along comments about how some people I know perceive the _Acorn_.
Too bad I've already deleted my original posting--I could quote you
exactly what was said....  *sigh*  Bad net reader, no biscuit. 8^)

%> Anyway, whoever, if you are unhappy about the Acorn, you don't need
%> a principality to fix it. You just need to offer to help out. And
%> now you know Annie's e-mail address and that she could use a hand.
%You know Henry, if you're not going to be part of the debate, then you
%probably should not throw random thoughts like this out.  While it is
%hardly my position to defend Lady Siobhan, I can with surety say that she
%would not have suggested, and did not suggest, that principalities are
%needed to fix the Acorn.  I wouldn't have suggested that either.

I didn't get that from the original messages either.  I don't think either 
us implied or explicitly said the _Acorn_ had anything to do with the
P-issue.  The topic of conversation wandered down another track.
Where did the idea that the _Acorn_ would fix the P-issue come from???
That's plain silly.  Henry, you've been sitting too close to your monitor--
that electron beam must have scrambled something important.... 8^)
Remember, I used a SMILEY!

A somewhat confused, but still amused,