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Spiff-o cool software alert!

Greatings to the Merry Pranksters of Cheapside.

I was out on a business trip last week in the S.F. Bay area (all the
sunshine and warm weather really sucked and I missed all the cold and
snow......right), and while there I got to go to one of my favourite
places in all the world, the Palace of Fine Arts and the Exploratorium.
For those not familiar with the Exploratorium, it's a lot like walking
through Mr. Wizard's play room. Lots of neat scientific stuff you can
play with.

Anyway, while browsing through the gift shop, I chanced to look through
their selection of software (geek alert!) and came across a most wondrous
piece of research material for the Scadian. It's an interactive, multi
media CD Rom put out by the British Museum entitled The Anglo-Saxons. It
contains a lot of information and some very nice photos/bitmap files of
artifacts from Sutton Hoo and other archaeological digs, scraps of the
Beowulf saga, Anglo-Saxon riddles, some of them in written in Anglo-Saxon
and read in it, giving you a chance to hear it spoken, and all of this
overlaid with a lovely Gregorian chant as background music. There are
also commentaries on things by various scholars. This is very spiffy,
way cool software for the Windows environment (I don't know if it's
made for the Mac, much of the other software the gift shop had was).

Anyone who wants to see this may contact me and come over to check it
out. My computer isn't terribly portable, so until I can come up with
a laptop with a CD Rom and sound board, don't look for me to bring it
to University, though it's perfect for Anglo-Saxon courses.

For those interested in purchasing this for themselves, you can contact
Cambrix Publishing at 800-992-8781, or write to them at 6269 Variel Ave.
Suite B, Woodland Hills, CA 91367, 818-992-8484, fax 818-992-8781. The
CD cost a bit over $38 (CA tax and all notwithstanding), but that was
the Exploratorium's price, and I don't know if it differs from regular

In service,

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