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Re: The very nature of Kill files and comments

Leifr sed:
>> >Frankly I find that Lady Siobhan and those like her have shown far more 
>> >concern for this Kingdom then those who pop up to make comments and dive 
>> >under their kill files to ignore the replies.

I sed (in part):
>> You go to far, I think, in implying that those who say "I don't listen
>> to this debate any more and I don't hear anything interesting or convincing"
>> are doing a disservice to their Kingdom by putting the word P-----------
>> in their kill file.

Leifr's return:
>His Excellency has once again decided to infer what he believes I must be 

And Lord Leifr has "once again" decided to imply a long history of previous
aggregious debating error on my part by the above statement.

Leifr, please tell me when you think I err.

Leifr, please do NOT remind me of my long history of error (whenever
I disagree with you) as the first thing you say.  This is a rhetorical
trick, not worthy of you or this forum.

Back to the subject, Leifr says:
>However, I respect people who follow the debate more then people
>who pop up to make comments and then go hide below their kill files.
>Obviously, if you don't jump into the middle of discussions you've not 
>been following, then you are not the object of this sentence.  So kindly 
>don't infer anything other then what I am saying.

Fine.  I thought that you were talking about people with kill files,
of which there are many.  You are right, your words refer directly
only to kill-file-ambush-attackers.  If that is, as you say, the only
group you wanted to malign, how can I do other than agree with you?
I cannot disagree.  But I would not have replied to you if I had thought
that was the case, because I am not convinced that any of these monsters

Just because someone makes a comment about the debate and mentions
that he is using a killfile does not mean that he is a kill-file-ambush-
attacker.  Far more likely, statistically speaking, he (or she) is
someone who followed the debate for some time, got bloody bored with
it, and put it in his (or her) kill-file as a way of staving off
raving insanity.  This is not a sign of irresponsibility, but of
sanity.  And by mentioning both that he is tired of the debate and
that he has a kill-file, he is encouraging others to join his method
of passive resistance.  Which, incidently, is the only way anyone
can protect themselves from further unwanted messages on the subject.

Dafydd ap Gwystl

Cheapside Anthem (sung to the tune of "If I Had A Hammer")
	If I had a Kill-file,
	I'd use it in the morning,
	I'd use it in the evening, 
	all over this forum.

	I'd kill out Guild-talk!
	I'd kill Principalities!
	I'd kill out all the stuff
	'bout fighting and brewing,
	a-a-ll over this fo-o-rum!

	(Tadhg--brewing is in there because it scanned,
	don't take it personally :^)