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Interbaronial Wars

Greetings from Richard!

Rash generalizations follow:

There have been several inter-group wars over the years.  Almost all 
start out fine and degrade year after year (with random blips in 
between).  Usually, they continue until they reach an "ugly" stage and 
then are terminated.  Leading up to Spice War, the Barons had formally 
declared war on each other.  The Crown decided that Barons can't declare 
war without the Crown's consent.  Whether or not this is a proper 
corollary to the Baron's oath of fealty is an open question.

My recommendation:

Interbaronial Wars can be a great theme for an event.  Spice Wars, the 
most recent, was a great event.  

Don't repeat them.  There are too many events in Atlantia that are just 
the same old thing repeated year after year.  Just a little creativity 
can give a fresh feel to an event.  Some yearly events are a traditional 
part of our culture and should be continued.  But, even these should be 
modified each year.  Ymir, for example, has a different format each year.

When Interbaronial Wars are repeated year after year they move from cool 
ideas to US vs. THEM formats.  

Lastly, if you do something like this, write a letter to the applicable 
Crowns, invite them to attend, and while they're there they can add more 
schtick.  "If the honor of these two groups can only be satisfied by the 
letting of blood .... yadayadayad"

Yours In Service To Atlantia
Richard Fitzgilbert