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How about this,
	Set up an event with a theme, i.e. a group fighting off the 
brigands/visigoths/gauls/romans/frost demons/badguys of your choice. Than 
invite nearby baronies to act the part of the invaders. The roles can 
switch from year to year. That gives you an interbaronial event without 
baronial pride as a problem. You could also ask teams that don't reflect 
baronial affiliation to play the part of defenders and invaders. This way 
you get team unity and it again isn't a matter of baronial pride.

			Just a suggestion,
				Miriam, who having participated in' 
interbaronial 'events (remember a few years ago Spice Wars was CO sponsered 
by Storvick, Ponte Alto AND Stierbach) and enjoyed them.