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Re: The very nature of Kill files and comments

Daffyd writes:

> Far more likely, statistically speaking, he (or she) is
>someone who followed the debate for some time, got bloody bored with
i>t, and put it in his (or her) kill-file as a way of staving off
r>aving insanity.  This is not a sign of irresponsibility, but of
>sanity.  And by mentioning both that he is tired of the debate and
>that he has a kill-file, he is encouraging others to join his method
>of passive resistance.  Which, incidently, is the only way anyone
>can protect themselves from further unwanted messages on the subject.

I agree completely, which brings me to my question...Can anyone tell me how 
to set up such a kill file. I'd like to stop wading through debates that 
don't completely interest me, and since I came in at a mid-point in the 
debate, I have been discouraged from participating in.

By the way, does anyone realize that since Liefr mentioned that he was 
dropping the subject of the P debate there have been 27 posting arguing 
about arguing about it.