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RE: Melee Events

Jeffrey Sussman <jsussman@cpcug.org> in <199502162210.AA25049@cpcug.org>

*> Greetings from Richard!

*> There are ways to make an event based around an Interbaronial War work.  
*> Following Dafydd's and mine, listed in earlier posts, I believe will give 
*> one a good start.  But I'd like to offer alternate ideas.

*> Instead of using SCA groups, use medieval European Rivals.  The 
*> Saxon/Norman thing was a lot of fun before it had been beaten to death.

*> Do a little research, spread a little knowledge, and come up with an 
*> interesting twist.

*> Venetians/Milanese and any of their neighbors (great hot and cold wars)
 I remember one partciularly funny one, run un Storvik, along these lines. 
It was SO HOT that the fighters spent most of their time making (and
breaking) alliances, hiring mercenraies, attempting to suborn their
opponent's troops, etc., that the fighting itself was anticlimatic (and
because of the temperature, no one much minded.)

I remember being killed from the flank by a member of mine own team (Steffan)
who had been bought by Richard, who then nefariously killed his employer,
declaring (Genoa?) himslef victor.  Or some such.

More like a game of Risk than any melee tourney before or since.  A hoot.