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RE: something fishy

In the original message, I did not notice that you were going to be 
fishing from PRIVATE land.  I should have realized that when you 
mentioned sharing the dock.  That's under the same freedom from needing 
a fishing liscense as fishing on a private farm pond.  My apologies for 
any confusion.

From: hoh jennifer l  <jlhoh1@mail.wm.edu>
To: "Thorpe, John"  <JThorpe@greenville.ClemsonSC.ATTGIS.COM>
Cc: atlantia-l  <atlantia-l@netcom.com>
Subject: something fishy
Date: Wednesday, February 15, 1995 8:59AM

I spoke this AM with the Dept. of game and inland fisheries, who assure
me that you DO NOT need a fishing liscense to fish off your own property,
be it on the James or otherwise.  (Quite a relief to know I've not been
violating the law...)  Likewise, any guests I have may also fish with
impunity.  So, my offer still stands if anyone wants to have a fishing
trip at University...


(N.b.:  I should say, however, that if you want to take my dinghy out, or
bring your own canoe, you will need a liscense, as I can't, technically,
own the water...)