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[EVENT] Winters End Dance - March 25 - Northern Atlantia

Posting this up for the autocrat who is still working on getting net
access.  Any typos are mine.  Questions are best directed via
farspeaker to the autocrat, but I'll take any questions/comments to
the autocrat when I see her next.  (Highland Foorde, for those not
familiar with Atlantia geography, is Atlantia's northern most group,
sharing a border with East Kingdom...)
The Shire of Highland Foorde invites one and all to join
them in celebrating the coming of Spring with a ...
                 WINTER'S END DANCE
... On Saturday, March 25, 1995.  Join us in celebrating the
end of Winter and the coming of Spring with dancing,
feasting, and general revelry.  There will be dance
instructors to help you learn the dances, and children will
be invited to join in several of the dances (at least!).
There will also be other children's activities.
There will be a no-theme, general Arts & Sciences Exhibit.
Please contact Master Daniel of Rutland, (301) 834-6515, if
you have special requirements for displaying your work.  We
encourage exhibits that explain the process and material
In a departure from the usual, the feast this year will be
prepared and served in three removes.  A variety of
vegetarian dishes are planned, and there will be vegetarian
dishes in each remove.  If you have food allergies, you need
to contact the Feastmistress, Lady Diedre Ni Aodhfionn (Jean
Lewis-Antcliff), 1800 Rocky Glenn Dr., Frederick, MD 21702-
3020, (301)662-1856 BEFORE the day of the event.  If you do
not, we cannot guarantee that there will be anything you can
eat.  Recipes for all the dishes will be available on-site.
As last year, the site will be St. John's Evangelical
Lutheran Church, 14 South Potomac Street, in Hagerstown, MD.
It is a DRY site, but a post-revel will be held within
walking distance of the event, and will be most decidedly
wet.  Directions to the post-revel will be distributed at
the event.  Candles at the event must be globed or enclosed,
but are nonetheless encouraged.  The site opens at noon and
closes at 9:00 pm.
Merchants are invited to bring their SCA-related wares (as
long as it's not blatantly out of period, it's probably okay
- if you aren't sure, contact the autocrat ahead of time) to
offer to the populace.
FEES: On-board: $7 until March 11, $9 thereafter and at the
door.  Off-board: $3 until March 11, $5 thereafter and at
the door.  Children under 12 are half-price; Children 4 and
under are free.  Please make checks payable to "Highland
Foorde/ SCA, Inc." and send with mundane and SCA names of
those attending, and a phone number where you can be
contacted should a question arise, to the Autocrat: Lady
Teleri Grwydryn (Elisabeth Zamora), P.O. Box 898, Cascade,
MD 21719. Farspeaker: (301)241-3611.  If you are not a card-
carrying member of the SCA, please remember to add the $3
non-member surcharge.  If you are a member, please write in
your membership number after your name on your reservation
DIRECTIONS TO THE SITE:  Find your best way to I-70 at
Hagerstown, MD.  (Note: if coming on I-81, take I-70 EAST).
Take exit 29, Rte. 65 North towards Hagerstown.  Go 2.1
miles, then the street splits at a point with a flashing
light.  Keep right and continue to the 3rd stoplight,
Antietam Street (there is a stone church on the corner) and
turn LEFT.  The first light is Potomac Street.  Turn LEFT.
The church is on the right.  The driveway is after you pass
the church, by a Norge Laundry.  Don't park in reserved
spots.  (To exit, just continue back on Potomac St. to I-
70).  Note: if you are coming from Ft. Ritchie or
Waynesboro, PA area, call the autocrat for less roundabout
directions to the site.

              Razmus the [Innocent | Pure] of Norwode
               AKA: Rich Weissler [azrael@access.digex.com]
              "Victim of a Random Shooting on the Infobahn."
It's always a good idea to be able to laugh at yourself....other
people are probably laughing at you anyway.            -Anonymous