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Re: Grand Council Nominees...part 0

Greetings from Tibor (member of the GC, and one of the three nominating
Ellwood wrote, in part:
  Is the GC/etc. based on population density per Kingdom?

No, it is not.

The Board originally nominated several GC members, mostly based upon history
of service to the Board (Gareth/Roy Gathercoal, AElflaed/Sandra Dodd),
fitness of service (Caroline/Carol Smith, Cariadoc/David Friedman), offers
to help, or mundane credentials (Just/Mark Waks, and the gentle from the
West that is an attorney, whose name excapes me).  And myself, of course, for
whatever reasons arise.

Each Kingdom was asked to appoint one member.  Opinions differ as to exactly
what motivated the Board to use this method, but it serves several very
satisfactory conclusions.  Oh, Lochac was also asked to provide one member.

The remaining positions are to be filled from the list of self-nominated
people, by Corwyn, Caroline, and myself.

I can't and shouldn't speak for them, but my criterion is mostly mundane
capabilities to provide realistic solutions to the problems we face.  Most
of the Kingdom and Board appointees are peers or have landed titles, and a
wealth of Society experience.  Each Kingdom, and Lochac, are represnted at
least in some way.  So those bases are covered.  My opinions and criteria
are on record at ftp.gc.sca.org:/pub/sca_gc file gc_applicant_comments.001
if you want to see them.

The reason that I feel confident that this is not being done in a
proportional representation means, is that the original list that was
hand-crafted by AElflaed included a proportional list of representatives
from the Midrealm, as she had indicated to them that the list would be
created that way.  The Board rejected that list, and created a nominating
committee instead.  (AElflaed had been on it, but resigned from the GC and
the nominations group.)

I would be pleased to answer any questions, from anyone about anything, if
you desire.  Please note that all commentary on applicants will be placed on
public view.