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Re[2]: Grand Council Nominees...part 0

     Greetings to the Merry Rose.
Casually persuing the list of representatives, Atlantia seems under- 
represented.  I hope this doesn't indicate that only a few of us have an 
interest in helping guide the Society....  Is the GC/etc. based on population 
density per Kingdom?
     The list is a list of nominees. These folks have all had their name 
     sent for consideration. From this list, 20 gentles will be chosen to 
     join the GC.
     The three committee members are interested in receiving YOUR input on 
     ANY of the names listed. Would you like to see them on the GC?
     As far as underrepresented, Atlantians apparently haven't been raising 
     their hands. But time is running out on that.
     If you interested, send in your name and qualifications to Tibor (see 
     previous post).