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More verses

I returned from a revel in old Central Park
When a mugger leaped out with a knife in the dark
"Got six inches of steal, give me cash or you're dead."
"See your six, raise you thirty," I drew and he fled

My great ax is finished I think it is done
I'll take it to tourney and I'll have some fun
The bikers are massing they plan to attack
But a bicycle chain can't stand up to an ax (MA)

My cry "Blood for Odin" scared mugger away
But who should I see in the john the next day
I said "blood for Odin," he lept from his stall
And you should have seen that man whiz down the hall

As king of the Middle I started a War
Was transferred to Pittsburgh, but I wasn't sore
Won the crown of the East, went to war at great cost
For I declared War on myself and I lost!