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Song (was: A Story! A Story!)

The SCA Urban Rumor Song by Yaakov HaMizrachi
(with vereses added by Mistresses Alizunde where so marked by the MA) 
NB: Give yourself a point for each story you know.

Chorus:  Hooray hooray for SCA 
  For SCA For SCA
Hooray Hooray for SCA 
The source of all great urban legends


My weekends are spent with the National Guard
The pay isn't bad and the work isn't hard
Some guys with pugel sticks came down to fight
They learned not to mess with and East Kingdom knight!

This town isn't safe at 2:30 a.m.
The rats and the vermin all crawl from their den
I'm glad that mugger decided to yield
A garbage can lid makes a terrible shield (MA)

My room in the summer's a hot little box
So all that I sleep in's a pair of gray socks
One time there broke in a ruffain band
It's good my katana is always at hand