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Re: A story! A story!

At 04:30 PM 2/17/95 -0500, Kim.Salazar@em.doe.gov wrote:
>     To my fellow Cheapsiders,
>     I'm sitting over on the other side of the room, alone with my 
>     embroidery, a warm fire, and rather a large quantity of fine ale.  
>     -Ianthe
<Deirdre, walks over to Ianthe, places her sewing basket down and warms her
hands by the fire>

May I join you m'lady? I love stories and songs. What are you stitching
today? I recently came across information on another merchant not on the
list I gave you. I thought you might be interested, and decided to come in
here and pass it along to you.

   Linn Skinner at Compuserve 74663,330 said to me:

   If anyone is having trouble finding Gold, Silver or 
   Copper Threads (pearl purl, check, passing, japan, rough, 
   Grecian, bullion, etc.) I can recommend a manufacturer in 

   Benton & Johnson Ltd.
   26 Marshalsea Road
   London SE 1HF
   071-407-6480 Fax

I hope you may find some use for it. <Deirdre, sits down, pulls out her
embroidery and eagerly awaits another story>

Charlene Noto
Internet: deirdre@cybernetics.net
Compuserve: 75374,3154
SCA: Deirdre of Boolteens, Barony of Sacred Stone
Vert, On a Chevron Or, Three Butterflies Sable, In Chief Erminois