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Re[2]: A story! A story!

>>     I'm sitting over on the other side of the room, alone with my
>>     embroidery, a warm fire, and rather a large quantity of fine ale. 
>>     -Ianthe

<Deirdre, walks over to Ianthe, places her sewing basket down and warms her 
hands by the fire>
May I join you m'lady? I love stories and songs. What are you stitching 
today? << valuable and appreciated info on source of metal embroidery thread 
snipped to save space>>

 <Deirdre, sits down, pulls out her embroidery and eagerly awaits another 
     All are welcome!  I just hope your tolerance for truly painful puns is 
     high.  So far I've been gifted with a fine song of heroism, and a 
     Shaggy Mongol story.  The virtual ale has hardly been tapped.
     As for embroidery, I've finished the strapwork book cover I was 
     working on (a prize that will be awarded at a storytelling contest to 
     be held this summer.)  I've started a narrow band sampler of Spanish 
     Stitch and other countwork to try out some of the patterns from my 
     forthcoming book.  Nothing so challenging that my attention is 
     diverted from the poets, bards, and raconteurs that (I hope) will 
     wander over to us.
     -Ianthe                                   kim.salazar@em.doe.gov
     p.s.:  Mind the fire.  I'd hate to see the end of your magnificent 
     handwork dirtied by the ashes.