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Re: Re[2]: A story! A story!

At 09:12 AM 2/21/95 -0500, Kim.Salazar@em.doe.gov wrote:

>     As for embroidery, I've finished the strapwork book cover I was 
>     working on (a prize that will be awarded at a storytelling contest to 
>     be held this summer.)  I've started a narrow band sampler of Spanish 
>     Stitch and other countwork to try out some of the patterns from my 
>     forthcoming book.  Nothing so challenging that my attention is 
>     diverted from the poets, bards, and raconteurs that (I hope) will 
>     wander over to us.
>     -Ianthe                                   kim.salazar@em.doe.gov
>     p.s.:  Mind the fire.  I'd hate to see the end of your magnificent 
>     handwork dirtied by the ashes.

<Deirdre, settles in with her embroidery and starts drinking some ale>

Everytime you have told me about your book cover, I have wished I was a
storyteller. What a wonderful prize! I'm working on a Spanish stitch collar
and cuffs to go with a shirt I am making.

Perhaps some of the storytellers that I heard at Tourney of Ymir will come
into the tavern. They told wondrous tales of the Vikings. I was vastly amused.

<Deirdre takes another swallow of ale>

Good ale, Mistress!


Charlene Noto
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