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DC Area: Elizabethan Households

I thought some of you near the DC area might find this interesting.

>Cross posting this for those interested in the Elizabethan time period and
>those lucky enough to live close enough to see this exhibit.
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>Date: Saturday, 18 February 1995 11:26am
>From: Dave Postles  pot@leicester.ac.uk
>Subject: Elizabethan Households
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>>From _Perspectives_, vol 33, no 2 (Feb 1995):
>                The Folger Institute, Washington DC
>                       Elizabethan Households
>                    An exhibition, 13-20 May 1995
>The exhibition illustrates housing and household conditions in 16th- and
>17th-century England, a 'revolution in architecture and living standards',
>looking particuarly at: persons; spaces; possessions; and practices of the
>private household.  A fully illustrated catalogue is available from the museum
>shop.  Furthermore, a package of course materials is provided to every
>participant in the academic conference _Material London, c.1600_.
>Contact: Folger Institute, Folger Shakespeare Library, 201 E. Capitol St.,
>Washington, DC20003; (202) 544-4600, x349.
>Dave Postles,

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