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Giovanni's Schtick

My thanks to all of you who gave me Italian source for Games Tourney.

Alas, I didn't really get the chance to truly absorb the information.

I wound up faking it the same way I did at Ponte Alto's Nozze: I simply
imitated Father Guido Sarducci. It was pretty pathetic. Some people liked
it. SOme people thought it stank. I was tired of it by the second hour;
but believed that it was not something one could shutdown once started.

It was more fun at PA's italianesque thingus, where other people had
stupid accents, too.

Anyway, I am pretty much italianed out for a couple of years.

I met this one fellow at the event, nice guy, but I never learned his name.
He played a servant, of the bow and scrape variety. He was never introduced
to me, as his name was unimportant, as was he. SPent the whole event being
the lowest of the low, then vanished. I thought he did a pretty good job.
Ah well.....


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