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Live Chess

Richard writes:
     Live Chess games are not interesting for the majority of the pieces(see
Dafydd's post). The obvious scenario would require a great deal of modification
 to become interesting.

Xavier writes:
     Agreed. One technique I have found particularly interesting was having bot
h of the chess players with preordained moves (keeps the tempo up) and having t
he pieces know their roles. Another version is having the players not know thei
r roles and be directed by the players. These techniques are mainly designed fo
r entertaining the populace.

Would it be possible to just make large chess pieces out of cardboard. You coul
d move the pieces around on the board. At the same time, run a Bear Pit. When o
ne player moves to take a square, he/she chooses a Champion from the next fight
 in the Bear Pit. If the Champion wins, the move is completed. If the Champion
loses, the agressors piece is removed. To keep the pace up, make a time limit o
n moving the pieces. I know it is not Period, but it might keep both fighters a
nd populace entertained.