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Re: Live Chess

On Tue, 21 Feb 1995, Michelle Ringo wrote:

> The following is an attached Text item from cc:Mail.  It contains
> information that had to be encoded to ensure successful transmission
> through various mail systems.  To decode the file use the UUDECODE
> program.

For those of you how didn't want to bother with uudecoding the message
(and we shouldn't really have to...) here is what this message said.

--- Begin included message ---

          Another thought on Live Chess.  When the Renaissance Faires
          do Live Chess, they normally get children (and pretty
          girls) to volunteer to be pawns and other inactive pieces.
          This gives them a good view and they are not in armor
          getting hot and sweaty.

--- End included message ---

You may wish to check you mail setup.  I have no idea why your message
was encoded, but it didn't need to be.  

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