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Live Chess

> Richard writes:
>      Live Chess games are not interesting for the majority of the pieces(see
> Dafydd's post). The obvious scenario would require a great deal of modification
> to become interesting.

Unto the patrons of the Merry Rose, I send greetings.

As autocrat of the Storvik Baronial Investiture, I need to make
a decision real soon now about whether or not we will have a 
live chess game there or not.  I had already come to the conclusion,
based on talking with several people who have seen earlier games
(I have not), that there were problems with earlier approaches.
I like Misha's idea of having the fighters on the side in a 
bear pit type situation, but I think that making the cardboard
pieces is just too much work.  What I had thought of doing was
recruiting people from the assembled populace to be the pieces.

I would like to hear all manner of suggestions, though, as to how
I can best do this.  I have not decided on anything yet, so feel
free to comment anything you want.  Dafydd, you seem to have the
strongest feelings about it, how would you change it so that people
got the most enjoyment out of it?

Thanks in advance.

In service,
Lord Kendrick Wayfarer
Storvik, Atlantia
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