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Re: A Question of Honor

[Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.math.harvard.edu>] Writes:
> Greetings from Tibor.
> Also, given the level of interest generated by a 10 dollar situation, I'm
> voting for "Cheapside".  (:-)
> 	Tibor
well put milord
As i have already posted the issue was resolved by Tom, the individual who 
initially loaned the money to Jon, paying sarah the money since he could 
not see losing a friend's opinion of him over something as silly as money.
However it turns out that it was all a joke and sarah told Tom not to take
her so seriously. Sarah is currently returning the money and is going 
to get the cash from Jon since that was she admits Tom and Her agreemant. 
Sarah it turns out was simply playing a mind game with Tom knowing full well
that honor was a VERY important concept to Tom.
Tom has since distanced 
In service

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(alias) Xavier De Lion Campbell  
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