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Re: Video recording events - New Thread

> Greetings from Tibor.
> I do not like the idea, at all.  The Society is a participatory exercise:
> one that each person must give of themselves to enjoy.  Video is the
> antithesis: one watches, passively, and is totally uninvolved.
> I do what I do for our mutual enjoyment: I specifically do not wish to be an
> unwilling vehicle for the caprice of others.  It is agreed that most folks
> think the one eyed monsters are just fine.
> 	Tibor
Tibor I agree with you but what about instructional videos.
Brewing with ivan 
Armormaking with angus etc
would these be okay 
Not the SCA as an event but A&S instructional videos(just the basics) and 
a phone number at the end to contact the local chapter for more information etc
how would you feel about this.

(who still wants some videos to put on the internet)

Eric Jon Campbell 
(alias) Xavier De Lion Campbell  
SCA Starting point  
Virtual SCA Library