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Re: Video recording events - New Thread

Greetings from Tibor.

I posted that I was against videotaping events for later broadcast.

Xavier De Lion Campbell wrote:
  Tibor I agree with you but what about instructional videos.
  Not the SCA as an event but A&S instructional videos(just the basics) and 
  a phone number at the end to contact the local chapter for more information
  how would you feel about this.

Not the same thing, and therefore not a problem, for me.

An illustrative story.  Many years ago, there was a news magazine program in
New England, that did 3 roughly 7 minute segments on various things.  They
asked if they could do a very positive and sympathetic story on us, at an
event.  They were really nice, and they came to a Baronial meeting to
discuss it with us.  I was, as you might expect, against it.  But I agreed
that, if it was the sense of the group that it was positive, I would simply
skip the event.  (I was very disappointed: it was to be my first chance to
herald a Baronial Court.)

The camera crew also agreed that they would not broadcast footage of any
attendee who wished to remain private.  They filmed all day, but SO many
folks were unwilling to be filmed, that they ended up with almost no usable
footage.  Fortunately, one gentleman agreed to do some private interviews,
show some of his crafts, and even be filmed at work, and they put together a
very nice, and sympathetic production.

But, sure as can be, the hosts that introduced each segment, made fun of us
both before and after.

I learned several things about this.  One is that even the most sympathetic
viewpoint can be corrupted.  ANother is that while most folks think it would
be great for someone else to carry the ball, being videotaped while doing
"something weird" isn't very popular.

Another thought.  What actually happens to the footage that is shot?  It
turns out, it can be sold, and resold, on the open market.  So, even if the
editted version that you see is very nice, the station can resell pictures
of you to anyone.  Do you want your nice, candle-lit Baronial Court, used as
footage to sell tawdry goods some day, or as cheap background footage for
some news story on an irrelevant topic?

Can't happen?  Our Barony assisted a local group of college journalism
majors with a film project: they entered it in a contest, and it was
broadcast on cable TV, without our knowledge.  Despite promises that it was
just a local film project.  No harm done (we looked good) but still.

Lance, this has nothing to do with your brother, or his good intentions.  It
is more general than specific.  PERHAPS, a one time thing would be OK.  But
you never really know, most of the time.  If your brother shoots the film,
does it belong to him, or Channel 10?