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Re: Video recording events - New Thread

     Greetings to those of the Merry Rose.
     I notice Tirloch solicited us today...for shame...and in public no 
     less...   8^)

>a new thread to see how the Rialto feels about video recording SCA events.
     Especially with regard to some activity at 12th Night and another 
     later event. As Tirloch noted,
>Some of the populace thought this was a cool thing. Others did not.
     I have no problems with someone working to document various aspects of 
     the SCA on film, if it is done in a non-intrusive manner. Certainly 
     what I saw at 12th Night was just that. I was pleased to see someone 
     trying to capture what we do rather than *interpret* it. Personally, I 
     am much more upset with the CRAP I have seen put out by the networks 
     and their affiliates. 
     I would enjoy seeing a nice documentary piece on the SCA in all of its 
     facets. A piece like that is far and away better than turning around 
     to see _Geraldo_ at the door trying to perform a psychoanalysis of the 
     'sickos who beat each other with sticks!' Sometimes I wish we would 
     place a single condition on the news crews, shoot all the fighting you 
     like AFTER you've finished ONE good fight! Or at least, bother to film 
     the A&S displays--a few minutes in the kitchen--some of the children's 
     games--how about the dancing!
     As for the folks that didn't like it, they're upset for any number of 
     things: a) cynical because noone has done a quality job yet, b) cranky 
     because someone dared to bring the 20th century into the room with 
     them, c) miffed because the camera was in their way, d) peeved because 
     the operator didn't interview them, or e) just needed something to 
     grouse over. At any rate, they'll get over it.
     I don't particularly want to see a camera every time I turn 
     around--but I haven't before and I don't think I will any time soon. 
     Remember, we are a nonprofit educational organization. We're 
     *supposed* to be educating the rest of the public...and the camera is 
     an extraordinary tool for accomplishing that. When we stop educating 
     folks, the Game will become a Joke--or worse, a Lie.
     For my part, Leifr give your brother my regards...keep up the good