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BD: Collegium addenda

Unto the folk of Black Diamond and Atlantia does Duncan
MacKinnon send greetings!

I have been asked by the autocrat of the Bread and
Circuses II Collegium (Black Diamond, March 4) to forward
a few notes.

1. Through no fault of our Esteemed Kingdom Chronicler,
there is an error in the flyer for this event, specifically in the
statement: "We request a $3 donation for the classes (add
$3 surcharge for non-members)." Because this is a
donation-only event, we are not required to impose the
non-member surcharge (yay!).

2. We are still seeking teachers for two classes:
   Slow Work

If you are interested in volunteering to teach these classes,
please contact the autocrat (see below). Teachers will be
provided food and crash space, if necessary.

Please direct all inquiries to the autocrat, Allison Smith
(Gwenllian of Black Diamond) Phone: (703) 951-9490;
E-mail: catvet@vt.edu.

Yrs in service,
Tom Brady  804 Washington St. #4, Blacksburg, VA 24060  SCA: Duncan MacKinnon
       Gordon's Rule of Carpentry: "All tools are hammers, except for
                    screwdrivers, which are chisels."